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"LA REIP" Los Angeles Real Estate Investments Pool is the combined funds of multiple investors which, when added together, create greater purchasing power, and thus more diverse and rewarding investment opportunities, through simple economy of scale. By pooling resources with other investors we are all able to achieve something greater than what we could achieve on our own. #losangeles
I'm sure we've all heard the expression, "The rich keep getting richer". These is often because high net worth individuals and institutional investors pool their resources, and are able to invest in Los Angeles best performing, most stable real estate assets. In fact, the wealthiest already own most of Los Angeles "High Ground #losangeles", of large and expensive assets.
Few people in Los Angeles, California can afford to buy these kinds of investment properties.
As a result the prices of these buildings are relatively low, while their returns are relatively high, compared to similar, but smaller, investments, which local investors are able to compete for. This means this type of investment will yield higher returns without assuming higher risk.
The opposite happens with smaller real estate investment properties. Smaller investment properties generate greater competition, which drives up the price and reduces potential returns. Therefore, in order to make the most of investment pool, seize the best investment opportunities, and assume the least amount of risk, intelligent investors should adopt the same principles of the high net worth and institutional investors, and pool resources. This will enable you to invest in those well-positioned, quality Income Properties, which offer stable cash flow and high returns. By pooling resources with other investors you will be able to invest in the higher ground too.


Ehsan Torabi is expert Real Estate Analyst and Broker, assembling groups of small and large investors for Investments Pool. #losangeles
The group is comprised of a several investors, with similar investment goals. As a group we will invest directly in real estate. Each member of the group will hold interest to the real estate as a partner according to the percentage of invested fund and could have Title as Tenant-In-Common. They do qualify for 1031 exchanges.
These projects typically have a 5-10 year life span, with an initial 1 to 2 year period in which a property is fixed up, rents, income rose, maximized, and operating expenses trimmed where possible. Next, there is a holding period, during which the property is managed for maximum cash flow, until each of the four important attributes that drive this investment reaches its peak level. At this point, the investment is producing the highest achievable rate of return to the Investment Pool, and the property is ready and prepared for sale.
Ehsan Torabi is particularly well positioned to facilitate and offer this project to other private investors. Ehsan Torabi has considerable experience working with owners as real estate analyst and managing broker, to strategically maximize returns and accelerate capital, equity growth at the highest possible rate.
Asset management is different than property management; this is a key point all real estate investors should clearly understand. Real estate investments should be proactively managed on an ongoing basis. Every real estate investment needs an operating plan tailored around the owner's specific investment objectives. This plan should articulate specific strategies and tactics aimed at tracking and influencing the moving parts of your real estate investment. An effective operator must understand whether a property is stable, in transition, or in need of repositioning and have a plan that anticipates and responds to the unique opportunities and pitfalls associated with that particular opportunity.
Our knowledge of real estate economics and proven process for applying that knowledge to specific real estate investments are the keys to our success.
Additional information about the Investments Pool will be listed below. Alternatively, you can contact Ehsan Torabi directly for more detailed information, or to schedule a time to meet in person.

Invest within budget by joining investment pool in Los Angeles Real Estate Market; Bitcoin accepted.

LA "REIP" Los Angeles Real Estate Investments Pool special program for achieving best results.

Are you interested to invest in Los Angeles Real Estate Market by joining an investment pool?

This program is for the Investors that want to join in Pool Investment so have much better buying power than one person to purchase of Income Properties in Greater Los Angeles area which create monthly income from the collected rent from units for benefit of the shareholders in the pool. #losangeles

This is very simple program so everyone can understand it without requiring sophistications in Financial Industry. This investment is secured by the property and there is no risk involved such as stocks. As the property values are going up it helps the shareholder's investments plus the properties depreciations is helping the Tax issues and of course the monthly income create study cash flow for managing the expenses and if there is any loan payment on the property as well and create steady income.

That is great program, one important issue in Real Estate Investing in contrary to Stocks is that the property values never become Zero as it happens in Stocks or it does not fluctuate that way at all. Of course it is good if you have substantial funds available to you in order to buy the whole property such as small 4 unit apartment which generates steady monthly income plus appreciation in price and using depreciation against Taxes. But most people cannot afford to get into such expensive transactions by themselves. That is why we are using Investment Pools which you can invest as much as comfortable for you and you can increase your investment as you go forward if you wish to do so. The Investment Pool has power to purchase the Income properties and the shareholders get the benefit as a team.

I as Real Estate Broker and Manager take care of the process. All funds will be in Trust Account and when it is sufficient for minimum purchase the property will be purchased and managed, by that time all the participants know exactly how much they contributed and what percentage of that project belong to them, normally each project will be packaged into individual LLC for simpler management of that project.

This is a brief example about the Investment Pool Program

This is international program and everyone can participate no matter of their location and size of investment
This comes from REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
A group of investors invest their share in a Pool let's say 10 investors each investing $100K so the Pool has $1M to purchase an Income property or Low Income properties or project to do the constructions for one of these projects.
Once that project established as a LLC Limited Liability Corporation each shareholder will have interest or shares in that LLC and benefit from it's income and appreciation in the price of the underlined properties which is security for that operation and could be expanded by obtaining loans and purchase more properties such as Land, Homes, or Income properties or Commercial properties, etc...
This is achievable by the Investment Pool and it is difficult for one investor doing that unless that investors has substantial fund available for this kind of operation.