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Great News for Property Owners

Now you can List to sell your property at LA Market Real Estate.
That is a Fast & Effective Service to homeowners planning to market their Property which adds up to BIG $$$
We negotiate and make sure the Buyers pay the fees and cost of their transaction. When the sellers pay the buyer's closing costs, there is a conflict of interest as the Buyers really don't have enough skin in the process to put all their effort towards closing the transaction.
LA Market Real Estate List your Property with the most effective way and less costs to the sellers.
Time has changed
But the Old process is still at work which needs to be adjusted.
With Today's Information Technologies at work, Buyers have tremendous advantage with Internet as part of their Tools to work for them when they want it. In past the Buyers were dependent on their Agents to search and find properties for them. But today majority of the Buyers do their own search on Internet and find the properties that they like and contact the Seller's Broker for more information and previews and finally make their offer. So, we noticed these reforms and applying the needed change to the old Real Estate Industries.
As a Broker, LA Market Real Estate prepare your listings and publish it on MLS and on Internet and that listing gets distributed all over the Real Estate Sites that are hungry for new contents and they pay for getting those information for their web sites. As soon as your listings are published, interested Buyers will contact for information and the arrangements to see the property and most of the time when the property is listed at right price or even little below market price, sellers get multiple offers and the price even goes much higher than what it has been listed for.
So this new process, actually help the sellers to price their properties at much more attractive range that would create multiple offers and the interested Buyers wouldn't mind to pay their closing costs and other processing Fees to get the property of their interest.
Ehsan Torabi is Real Estate Analyst and Broker that worked, designed and developed financial systems related to these fields for Banks, Mortgage, and Real Estate Companies, got Real Estate License in 1992 and he has been active in Real Estate and Finance in Los Angeles.